Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Two Year Mosaic is Done!

Okay, so I stopped by this mosaic shop two years ago on a whim one beautiful fall Saturday feeling rather creative after having just sipped on some java at Starbucks while reading a book and basking in the sun. And by 'reading a book', I really mean eavesdropping on a conversation two artists were having over their friend's painting.

Artist 1: Oh my god, did you see what she tried to show last night?
Artist 2:
Artist 1: Tell me about it. And she says she's an artist!

I couldn't help it. They were talking loud and that conversation soon led into how much they drank at said art show, then what they did after said art show, and really it goes down hill from there! None the less though, it made feel...'inspired'!
Okay, so I wonder into 'Mad About Mosaics' to check it out and discover a rockin' world of art I never knew about. It was love at first sight really! The freedom of breaking glass into little pieces, cutting it, making something out of nothing, watching it transform yet again once you grout it. LOVE. IT. So I decided to start a 16" X 16" landscape for my brother and sister-in-law as a Christmas gift for them. Easy enough right?

Now, looking back on the grandiose idea, I do admit that perhaps I bit off more than I could chew for it being only my second piece and all (I did do a stepping stone for Justin's parents prior to that, but it was an outdoor piece). But I am generally of the 'Go Big or Go Home' philosophy when it comes to arts. For instance, I took up knitting over crocheting because someone once told me it was harder to learn how to knit and because making a sweater intrigued me more than a pot holder (I have since learned they should be equally respected and that my 'stereotypes' were a bit skew...especially if you could see what I have (not) knitted so far!)
Well, Christmas One and Two went right by and every November I would blow the dust off my project and start on it again with a ferocious appetite thinking that this year was THE YEAR! I would magically find more free time and dedicate it all to the mosaic. Rrrrright!

Then came Christmas '08! Mwah-ah-ah. I blew the dust off the mosaic, found all the old tiles, unclogged the tip of my glue, took out my nippers that now had cracked plastic around the handles, and got to work. I realized that my brother was coming here to visit and that if I could get this done, I wouldn't have to pay shipping and handling on the beast! (Oh yeah, and the fact I owed him some major back-ordered gift giving for him and his wife!


in all her wonder...

I present to you:

(and yes, I did have 3 band aids on one hand at the same time)

...drum roll please...

THE MOSAIC 2008 (minus the grout...I'm still waiting on a good pic of it with grout)

(it helps to scoot back and look at it from a distance!)

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Beth Ann said...

Wow friend. I am very impressed with your mosaic talent!