Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reasons to Like My New Job

This week marks the first week at my new job and I am loving every minute of it. I thought I would post a list of reasons why I like it so far:

1. The bathrooms are exceptionally clean and somehow acoustically built as such so that you cannot hear much in the other never know when a poo attack will hit you!

2. My second day on the job and I was already taking a 3-hour road trip with my coach, Stephanie, and co-worker, Mike. Once we got to the job site, I met a fourth co-worker, Rick. Rick is the very 'vivid' person in the pic below. They are all a GREAT group of people though (minus the smurf suit, Blublockers, belt, and yes...that's a dog leash around his chest that he has fashioned, rather cleverly I might add, into a strap for his clipboard). (I am on the far right sporting my 'Doc Marten' boots that I now call my 'on site work boots' and are from like 1999 and the oh so beautiful hard hat!)

3. People that actually talk to you AND seem to care what you have to say.
4. Said people from #3 that ask you to eat lunch with them in the cafeteria as well.
5. Said people from #4 that are so fun they managed to get a stranger to hug them in the elevator on the way to lunch.
6. Every other Friday off and jeans days!
7. Wonderful coaches, mentors, supervisors, and co-workers who are eager to help you learn and succeed!
I think I'm going to be okay here!

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