Monday, December 22, 2008

No, Thank YOU!

I just had to post about my customer service experience at Amazon. For those of you that thought a positive customer service experience was something that was only talked about in folk lore books, well then read on my friend!
Last Friday I ordered the most adorable pair of shoes for my nephew Kai on The brand name is 'See Kai Run' and they have this cute little red 'K' on the side. How cute is that for a kid whose name is Kai?

Well, me being the best Aunt there is, (but not yet possessing a ton of 'motherly' skills such as knowing that one cry means, 'I want a bottle' and the other means, 'Change me!' ), did not know what size of shoes to order for him. I called his dad and of course the reply I got was:

'Uhhh, he only has one pair right now. Uh, I think maybe a 3 sounds right? Well, I don't know, he just started walking. I'd say they are about 3 inches long (referencing of course Kai's feet, not the shoes).'
So, after much consulting with many mom's in the office, I decide on a size 4 for him. I placed my order at and was happy knowing that they would arrive on Dec. 23rd with plenty of time for me to ogle them first and then wrap them up pretty like!

Then, my sister calls me and is talking about toddler shoe sizes and I start getting a panic attack. She starts convincing me that since they are soooo cute, maybe a 5 would be better so he can grow into them. Duh! What was I thinking? I go into panic mode immediately. I think to myself, 'But I already ordered them! And Dec. 23rd! Oh no!' I immediately get online to dreadfully search for a customer service number.

To my surprise, I find the 1-800 number without really even trying. Not only that, but I just typed my cell number into this little pop up box and seconds later THEY are calling ME! ROCK ON! I am quickly connected with Nice Amazon Lady (A. She is a live person! B. I didn't have to listen to a single options menu. C. Nor did I find myself in my cube shouting, 'OTHER! I said O-TH-ER! Speak to a representative! SPEAK. TO. A. REP.RE.SEN.TA.TIVE. Hello? Hellloooo?')

Nice Amazon Lady did the following that made me post this blog:
A. She commented on how cute my purchase was (I of course then had to tell her it was for my cute nephew who's name is Kai!).

B. She told me what all she was getting from for her nieces and nephews AND let me in on some other gifts that were popular among the Cool Aunts Club that she had been helping out on the phone as well.

C. She cancelled my transaction, posted the new one, and then said, 'I am going to try and checkout for you so that you don't have to do anything at all.'

ME: 'What? Did you say NOTHING? As in all I have to do is sit here and continue having a wonderful conversation with a complete stranger who is just too cool and friendly? I'm not sure how to react...I think now is when I'm supposed to yell at you and then aren't you supposed to 'accidentally' get disconnected from me?'

NICE AMAZON LADY: (Laughs) 'I get that all the time!'

D. She wasn't able to Check Out for me, but all I had to do was go to My Shopping Cart and there it was! My new order was sitting there waiting on me to hit Continue and VWAH-LAH, that was it! AND, I still had Dec. 23rd as a delivery date!

E. She wished me luck in my shopping endeavours for Christmas.

F. She didn't ramble off some memorized, cheesy line at the end that went something like this: (In a monotone voice with a steady fast beat) 'Thank you for choosing Kristy for all your shopping needs is there anything else I can do for you and if not thank you so much and you have a merry Christmas would you like to participate in our survey now please press 1 or I will disconnect okay thank you Kristy for shopping with us today ma'am.'
(G. I hate it when people call me 'ma'am'.)
H. She simply said, 'Okay thanks. Have a good one! Bye.' As if she was just my friend hanging up, that's all!

So thank YOU for the renewed hope that EXCELLENT customer service skills do still exist and that online shopping IS fast, convenient, and fun!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Countdown

As the days are narrowing down and The Main Event is drawing nearer, I am working diligently on all my projects to get them done. The great thing about having this blog is that I can post some pics of what I'm doing in hopes that I won't feel quite so bad about not hitting the gym at all this week. You see, I can now rationalize it by thinking to myself, 'But my people (that would be you all reading this) are counting on me to get this done and post pics and blog about it.' Even though my ass and thighs are saying, 'Help me! Help! Can't. take. much. more! Need. oxygen. or...(gasp for air) elssssee....' Okay, that was weird because for a minute there I really was having that conversation in my make believe world with my thighs. They really don't talk though!

Okay, well here is a pic of the project I finished up Monday night. My dad is into hot rods and is fixing one up of his own right now (slowly). So I furiously searched the web for pictures of car emblems from old hot rods, downloaded them, played with them in Photoshop, got a little help from our graphic designer here at work (in-house marketing totally has it's perks...thanks a TON Ashley!) and came out with this final product:

The 'l' is off a Falcon, the 'o' is from a Chevrolet, the 'u' is off a sweet looking Mustang, and the 'x' is from a Galaxy. (I have never heard of a Galaxy so I cannot attest to it's authenticity as being dubbed a 'hot rod', but it looked like an older car and had an 'x' in it so I went with it.) I picked the frame up from the Big Lots by my house that is going out of business and has everything 20% off. The frame is what makes it 'girly' enough for my stepmom to approve of hanging it in the house. Double Bonus Round Score!

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I moved on to baking:

On the line-up this year:

  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • English Toffee
  • Pretzel Rolo Sandwiches
  • Chocolate Covered PB Ball
  • Ritz Cracker & PB Sandwiches covered in Chocolate
I didn't get my No Bake Cookies made, nor did I get a Pumpkin Roll made for this weekend. We shall see if that happens or not, but I'm kind of 'Pumpkin Rolled' out because I made 6 this year for Thanksgiving. Plus, pumpkin is more of a November flavor in my mind than a December flavor. To me, December is all about cinnamon!

And finally, last night I started in on the wrapping:

If you haven't noticed, I am in LOVE with the color Purple!

Toodles for now! And for those of you doing The Countdown of your own: May you score UBER bargains, NOT burn your finger on the oven rack, get everything done on time, and still show up to your parties in that little black strappy number, those stiletto heels, your dazzling hair-do, and a smile that could just kill so that you leave people thinking to themselves:

'How does she do it?!?!'

(insert jaw drop, gasp, or confused head shake here!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How NOT to Earn One's Business

Below is an email I received today at work after inquiring about my interest in a leadership seminar:

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for your previous interest in our event Leadership Across the Generations. The event is appropriate for Vice Presidents of Human Resources. I apologize we won’t be able to accommodate you.

I hope you’ll enjoy a quiz from one of our publications, “Motivating the ‘What’s In It For Me?’ Workforce”. Separately I’ve attached the answers.

Kind regards,

Bernadette Walter
Corporate Sales

What? A quiz? You slap that in my face and then have the kahunas to attach a quiz...which I took and passed with FLYING colors...Thank. You. Very. Much! Okay, I will admit that my inquiring email did have my signature on it which posted my title and which obviously is not a VP of any sort. However, who's to say that perhaps I have more than one title, more than one job, own my own company, enquiring for a VP, or maybe I am actually Donald Trump posing as someone else to avoid the publicity? Huh?

Well Ms. Bernadette Walter, sadly enough, you will never know. According to your little quiz, I already know everything there is to know about your seminar topic. And no, I will not be a guest speaker for you...EVER!

Grandma Attack

A recent phone conversation between my sister and I while we were at work:

...blah, blah, blah about whatever the reason was for the call
(Insert random change of important topic to something not so important)
(Which means neither of us are really thrilled about hanging up and getting back to our work)


Me: Hey, you know that time when we were kids and shopping at the mall with grandma?
Sis: Yeah?
Me: And she all of a sudden stopped in the middle of the mall?
Sis: (Laughing) Oh, yeah, that was hilarious!
Me: Okay, I'm having that...gotta go!
Sis: Oh weird, me too! *CLICK*

Let me explain myself and our secret 'I can't say I'm about to shit myself because people here at work will hear me tell you' code.

The holidays always find me reminiscing about what makes Christmas so special to me. One of those fond, oh so fond, memories is the time Grandma took my Sis and I (dragged me) shopping to the local mall. This was always a big deal for Grandma because she lived in a much smaller town that had only a Wal-Mart, TSC (for those of you city folk that is short for Tractor Supply Company) and oddly enough I think a Buckle on Main St.

As I reminisce, let me take you one step deeper into my memories and tell you that Grandma was notorious for carrying ginormous purses that could host a small immigrant for at least a week or so before running out of supplies. She was also notorious for clutching said purse with a white-knuckled-death-grip while mom drove all around 'the city' when she came to visit and take her shopping. (Which ALWAYS consisted of a stop at Merle Norman and the SAS Store for some new shoes).

On this particular Christmas Shopping Trip, Grandma wanted to go to the mall. The last place anyone wants to be two weeks before Christmas on a Saturday. The crowds, the noise, the crying babies, waiting in lines, uggghhh! Now, you know how most malls have an 'assumed' flow of traffic even though there is no written rule? And that during the holidays, doing anything to stop this 'assumed' flow of mass chaos could result in a real life trampling of someone? Okay, so now that the setting is painted for you, here is what ensued on that dreaded day:

Grandma: (STOPS DEAD IN HER TRACKS! Hand clutching said refugee bag, eyes focused intently ahead as if in a trance. She grabs my sister's arm with her other hand, stopping all of us dead in our tracks. With lips pursed together and in a voice as low as a whisper) Shelly, I can't move.
Sis: What?!?
Grandma: I'm serious. Don't move. I can't move. I gotta shit. Where is the nearest bathroom?
Me: Grandma, we're in the, mawwwwlllll! They don't have a lot of options here for restrooms.
Sis: (Noticing the seriousness in Grandma's voice and the said 'incident' that we were about to have on our hands.) Okay Grandma, it's okay. I see a bathroom just up ahead a ways on the other side. It's not far. We can go use that one.
Grandma: I can't! I gotta shit. I'm gonna shit myself right now. Oh my god, what do I do?
(Still assuming death grips on said bag and said sister) (People still trying to plow us over and giving us dirty looks for interrupting 'assumed' flow of traffic.)
Grandma: You don't understand! (Panic beginning to set in) I gotta shit! What do I do? I can't move?...

Well, long story a little shorter but not much, Grandma eventually made it too the restroom that day without down right shitting herself (I say that because I'm sure there was still some damage done to those panties of hers). However, I do think there was a little bit of lost dignity in it all. And from that day on the phrase, 'Grandma Attack', has a WHOLE NEW meaning to it in our family.

Thank you Grandma for the fond Christmas memories! And let's not forget about the sequined Christmas sweaters, matching earrings, great food, the PERFECT gifts, and multiple decorated trees with Santas all over and the train that ran under the tree!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hi! I'm so nervous, this is my first post on my first blog ever. I feel like a ten year old again being asked to the last couple skate of the night by little Johnny Stephens (all names have been changed to protect identities of our past!) Well, I guess I'm doing good though since I already have two followers and no posts yet. I must give props to my good friend BA who got me hooked on reading blogs. I started sending her and my mom 'wanna be' blog emails until she finally pinned me down to a deadline so that I could post real blogs and in the meantime, she started one too! I think now is the time I tell you a bit about myself?

- Daughter, sister, fiance, aunt to these two and this one, mom (of our puppy dog).

- Lover of life, our dog, crafts, outdoors, health, family & friends, creating.

Justin and I got engaged on the Fourth of July, 2008 in CO and are getting married on the Fourth of July, 2009 in CO. So stayed tuned for updates on the wedding planning, what's new with us, our adventures, and my randomness!