Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Countdown

As the days are narrowing down and The Main Event is drawing nearer, I am working diligently on all my projects to get them done. The great thing about having this blog is that I can post some pics of what I'm doing in hopes that I won't feel quite so bad about not hitting the gym at all this week. You see, I can now rationalize it by thinking to myself, 'But my people (that would be you all reading this) are counting on me to get this done and post pics and blog about it.' Even though my ass and thighs are saying, 'Help me! Help! Can't. take. much. more! Need. oxygen. or...(gasp for air) elssssee....' Okay, that was weird because for a minute there I really was having that conversation in my make believe world with my thighs. They really don't talk though!

Okay, well here is a pic of the project I finished up Monday night. My dad is into hot rods and is fixing one up of his own right now (slowly). So I furiously searched the web for pictures of car emblems from old hot rods, downloaded them, played with them in Photoshop, got a little help from our graphic designer here at work (in-house marketing totally has it's perks...thanks a TON Ashley!) and came out with this final product:

The 'l' is off a Falcon, the 'o' is from a Chevrolet, the 'u' is off a sweet looking Mustang, and the 'x' is from a Galaxy. (I have never heard of a Galaxy so I cannot attest to it's authenticity as being dubbed a 'hot rod', but it looked like an older car and had an 'x' in it so I went with it.) I picked the frame up from the Big Lots by my house that is going out of business and has everything 20% off. The frame is what makes it 'girly' enough for my stepmom to approve of hanging it in the house. Double Bonus Round Score!

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I moved on to baking:

On the line-up this year:

  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • English Toffee
  • Pretzel Rolo Sandwiches
  • Chocolate Covered PB Ball
  • Ritz Cracker & PB Sandwiches covered in Chocolate
I didn't get my No Bake Cookies made, nor did I get a Pumpkin Roll made for this weekend. We shall see if that happens or not, but I'm kind of 'Pumpkin Rolled' out because I made 6 this year for Thanksgiving. Plus, pumpkin is more of a November flavor in my mind than a December flavor. To me, December is all about cinnamon!

And finally, last night I started in on the wrapping:

If you haven't noticed, I am in LOVE with the color Purple!

Toodles for now! And for those of you doing The Countdown of your own: May you score UBER bargains, NOT burn your finger on the oven rack, get everything done on time, and still show up to your parties in that little black strappy number, those stiletto heels, your dazzling hair-do, and a smile that could just kill so that you leave people thinking to themselves:

'How does she do it?!?!'

(insert jaw drop, gasp, or confused head shake here!)


sandra said...

Kristy, LOL, I hate to tell you this but a Ford Galaxy is so not a hot rod. But I can't think of any hot rods with x's in them so I say well down. I'm crying in my beer at how organized you are. I've done: no baking, no shopping, no wrapping, and barely have the tree up. AND we're expecting snow and cold that is so cold-I have to push the dog out in it. Not much chance of me doing any of the above this weekend. Well maybe baking something. Love the purple.

LouX said...

No No No a Ford Galaxy could be a Hot Rod for sure... awesome idea! Check this Galaxy