Saturday, August 29, 2009

But what does it all mean? (said in British tones)

(Started this post in February and never posted it. Hence the reason it talks about shopping for a wedding dress. And for those wondering, the dress I ended up with is 10 times more amazing and also a thanks to the help of my big sis!)

These past two weeks I have been pondering the history and meaning of phrases. Not because I'm some huge English geek (sorry mom!) but because they just struck me as really odd and funny.

For instance:

As I am driving in the car with my sister and girlfriend, Rozanne, coming back from trying on a wedding dress. (A wedding dress that I might have bought had it not been for the saving graces and honesty of these two wonderful ladies) (A dress that I might have purchased before my sister said, 'Oh my god Kristy! You have a 'back butt'!')(A wedding dress that also, on that particular wet, cold, and snowy day made me feel rather 'sloth'ish'...especially since I then realized that I could have a 'back butt') So on our long, slow, wet, cold, snowy, blustery drive back home this conversation ensued:

Me: I am so sick of this weather! I have cabin fever so bad!

Sister: No you don't.

Me: Huh?

Sister: Cabin fever (matter-of-factly), you don't have that.

Me: Ohhh right, because it really doesn't exist and is just some stupid phrase someone made up when they were cooped up in their house over the winter. Well I don't care where it came from, I have it and am sick of it!

Sister: Actually, it came from way back when, when people lived in small hand built shacks (i.e.- cabins) with usually a wood burning stove or fireplace as the main source of heat. The cabin was sealed up tight to keep the cold air out and there was no place for the carbon monoxide to escape. Thus ensued sickness, fever, etc. from the people cooped up inside.

Me: uh-hmmmmm

Sister: Sooooo, quite literally you cannot have cabin fever because you are not suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, you don't live in a cabin, and you have no ill symptoms such as fever.

Me: touche (I am notorious for throwing this word into conversation. Yet to this day, I have NO idea how to use it properly in a sentence!)

Now, did I actually believe her at the time? Ehh, her 'story' seemed logical enough but this is my sister we're talking about. The same person that when asked, 'Hey, who sings this song?' could look at you with the straightest of faces, act like she was really digging deep for the answer, ponder it for just the right amount of time and then say, 'Nirvana' as matter-of-factly as if she was telling me that the sky is blue. Only to later find out that the song was actually sang by Queen. She's good at what she does, I'm tellin' ya!

Fast forward two days later:

I'm sitting at my cubicle, at my new job, chit chatting with the IT guy at my desk. Why? you might wonder? Because I have entered a new IT ticket for every day I have shown up to work this week. On this particular Friday (my most favorite day of the week) no one was in the office and I was rather the Chatty Cathy. So I tested his knowledge and asked him where he thought cabin fever came from. His story almost 100% reiterated my sisters. ERRGIN-SCHMIRGIN'!!! I'll give her just this one!

Well, this conversation somehow lead into talk about meanings of words and such, which ensued the following:

IT guy: Oh yea, and 'cake eaters'...uggghhh

Me: (Weird, confused look on my face.)

IT guy: You know, a cake eater?!?!

Me: (Wheels are starting to turn and it's not good. I quickly think, surely he's not 'politely' trying to call me fat is he? I don't look like I eat cake all the time! Okay, I know I've put a few on, but it's WINTER! What a JERK!)

IT guy: You know, like the kids that went to...(dramatic pause)...priiii-vate schooool.

Me: (gasp! He IS calling me a cake eater!!!)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday Randomness

(Sorry the pics are so crappy and small!)

Well, so this is just a random blog to show off my 'art' project last night that took all of 3 minutes to put together. Our cute little rental (for now) needs a LOT of TLC*. We have been working our heiney's off on trying to make it our 'home' and little by little it is working. When I first created this blog, I thought to myself, 'Oh, I will instantly become a better decorator because I have a blog and all these other lovely people post lovely pics of their homes looking so lovely!' I have come to grips with reality (to an extent) and am opening up to you now: 'My name is K and I am not a decorator' (In unison, 'Hiiiiiii, Kaaaaaayyyy'). BUT, I can at least give myself credit for this attempt at decorating on a budget!
- The red shelf and twig bird house were from the Salvation Army for a total of $5.00.
- The garland and towel were from DG for a total of $2.50.
- The orange potpourri balls came out of a crystal bowl I have full of potpourri (FREE!).
- TOTAL: $7.50 TIME: 3 minutes

Now I don't care if it's no Martha Stewart, but that ain't bad for being frugal!

*Disclaimer: Just in case you noticed the line in the wall behind my decor.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The number 73 has never really had any profound meaning to me. (Hmmm...I can't remember my brother's football number from high school, but now that I think about it...maybe it was 73!?!?) Anywho, there was #25 because that was my assigned 'number' in school growing up until stupid Randy Sparks left in the sixth grade and so then I got bumped to 24...but I'm not bitter! Then there was 13 because that was my basketball number in grade school...our team sucked...all four years!!! A few other numbers in my life have come and gone over the years as well. As of late, I'm a big fan of number 74 because it combines 07 (July) and 04 (the 4th) which is our wedding anniversary. That's about as close to 73 as I've came to really thinking it's a lucky number for me until...

...I got the mail yesterday! My name was chosen as a finalist to win a brand new 2010 Ford Mustang! This promo/contest has been going on since before we moved here in early June and I have driven by the Mustang a ton of times while on display at various participating sponsors. Well, one day, while at the local office supply store, I finally saw a registration box so I filled out the little slip of paper and stuck it in a huge, already crammed full, box of other hopefuls and really thought nothing of it. And low and behold, there I was holding this piece of paper letting me know that I was winner winner, chicken dinner! Now, I realize most of you might be thinking to yourselves, (or re-reading this blog) 'Did she say she won the car? I thought she said that she was a finalist!?!?' No typos, I said finalist. However, I already consider myself a winner because stuff like this NEVER happens to me! Not even as a finalist!

So, this Friday evening, starting at 7:00 pm I will have a 1 and 100 chance of being the proud new owner of 'Ol' Red'. I already named him just in case! Click here to see my name listed as lucky number 73! How EXCITING! Wish me luck! I'll keep ya'll posted!