Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The number 73 has never really had any profound meaning to me. (Hmmm...I can't remember my brother's football number from high school, but now that I think about it...maybe it was 73!?!?) Anywho, there was #25 because that was my assigned 'number' in school growing up until stupid Randy Sparks left in the sixth grade and so then I got bumped to 24...but I'm not bitter! Then there was 13 because that was my basketball number in grade school...our team sucked...all four years!!! A few other numbers in my life have come and gone over the years as well. As of late, I'm a big fan of number 74 because it combines 07 (July) and 04 (the 4th) which is our wedding anniversary. That's about as close to 73 as I've came to really thinking it's a lucky number for me until...

...I got the mail yesterday! My name was chosen as a finalist to win a brand new 2010 Ford Mustang! This promo/contest has been going on since before we moved here in early June and I have driven by the Mustang a ton of times while on display at various participating sponsors. Well, one day, while at the local office supply store, I finally saw a registration box so I filled out the little slip of paper and stuck it in a huge, already crammed full, box of other hopefuls and really thought nothing of it. And low and behold, there I was holding this piece of paper letting me know that I was winner winner, chicken dinner! Now, I realize most of you might be thinking to yourselves, (or re-reading this blog) 'Did she say she won the car? I thought she said that she was a finalist!?!?' No typos, I said finalist. However, I already consider myself a winner because stuff like this NEVER happens to me! Not even as a finalist!

So, this Friday evening, starting at 7:00 pm I will have a 1 and 100 chance of being the proud new owner of 'Ol' Red'. I already named him just in case! Click here to see my name listed as lucky number 73! How EXCITING! Wish me luck! I'll keep ya'll posted!

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Beth Ann said...

How exciting! Good luck this Friday.