Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday Randomness

(Sorry the pics are so crappy and small!)

Well, so this is just a random blog to show off my 'art' project last night that took all of 3 minutes to put together. Our cute little rental (for now) needs a LOT of TLC*. We have been working our heiney's off on trying to make it our 'home' and little by little it is working. When I first created this blog, I thought to myself, 'Oh, I will instantly become a better decorator because I have a blog and all these other lovely people post lovely pics of their homes looking so lovely!' I have come to grips with reality (to an extent) and am opening up to you now: 'My name is K and I am not a decorator' (In unison, 'Hiiiiiii, Kaaaaaayyyy'). BUT, I can at least give myself credit for this attempt at decorating on a budget!
- The red shelf and twig bird house were from the Salvation Army for a total of $5.00.
- The garland and towel were from DG for a total of $2.50.
- The orange potpourri balls came out of a crystal bowl I have full of potpourri (FREE!).
- TOTAL: $7.50 TIME: 3 minutes

Now I don't care if it's no Martha Stewart, but that ain't bad for being frugal!

*Disclaimer: Just in case you noticed the line in the wall behind my decor.

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