Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sayonara Parasites

Adios amigos!  Arrivederci dudes!  Au revoir gentlemen!  Cheerio & good-day!  Tah-Tah creeps!

My new found friends!

So I just finished day 3 of what I like to call my 'Anti-Parasite Pack'.  Now I know what you're thinking right about now, 'What is she smoking!?!?'  Well, I'll try not to go into detail about some 'issues' I've been having over the last two years...but they have recently caused the doctor's decision for me to get a colonoscopy.  After having discussed some of the 'issues', my doctor asked if I'd traveled out of the country recently.  'No.  Well, we went to Costa Rica like two and a half years ago...but that was forever ago!'  Then it occurred to us both how long I'd been having some of my 'issues'.  

For anyone out there who may be fearful of having to gt a really shouldn't be!  I was more afraid of the anesthesia than anything else...mostly because I have a friend who lost her cat due to the fact that they had put it under with anesthesia for a simple, routine, procedure!  I know, I know, it was a cat and I'm not...but I'm sure that could happen to humans too!  I remembered nothing, I had no ill side effects afterwards (minus the fact I was starving!!!), and life was good.  Afterwards the doctor said:  'Everything looked just fine.  I didn't find any polyps.  I did do a washing while we were in there for you and took samples to send off to the lab'.  My first thought: 'Rock on!  A free colonic to boot!'  

Well, Mr. Doctorman called two days later and told me that my results came back from the lab and I tested positive for two parasites that are most commonly found in contaminated drinking water.  Who'd-uh-thunk-it!  He said that one of them is hardly ever heard of being found in the US.  I only drank bottled water in Costa Rica, but we ate at lots of who knows what they served to us for 'water'!  So, I had to take some medicine for three days and that was that!  You could imagine the jokes though!  Saturday we had a 'Going Away Party' for them...okay not really, but we went out with friends and drank so I called it that in my head.  J banned me from the hot tub because he was afraid he would get them! Really?  Come on now!  Anytime I was in a cranky mood this week I blamed it on the pissed off parasites in me slowly losing the battle!  Ha!  I could go on...but you get the jist!

I don't really feel all that different!  I'm not 100% convinced that this was the fix of all fixes, but it's a good start!  2010 is the year of Kristy's Health!  I will be heeeeeeealed! (said in thick southern preacher accent!).  I hope to get this all cleared up and solved this year so that we can work on more fun making babies!!!! 

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Beth Ann said...

Woot for finally figuring out some of your crazy stomach issues.