Saturday, January 30, 2010

Game On!

What a fabulous Saturday!  Do you ever have one of those Saturdays that you wake up early...naturally..feeling well rested and ready to go?  I did today...and that doesn't happen often!  I love me some sleepy time!  We've already 'been to town', shopped, and now I'm getting ready for the K-State vs. KU game:

Drink in hand: Check
Fresh strawberries, mangoes, and pineapple cut up and chilled: Check
Fresh veggies and homemade veggie dip made: Check
*Chicken legs thawing for homemade buffalo 'wings': Check
Homemade Deer Summer Sausage: Check
Sliced PepperJack chee' and crackers: Check
Homemade Bleu Chee sauce for 'wings': Check
**Fresh 'baked' No-Bake Cookies: Check
Dusted, sweeped, vacuumed, clean-clean house: Check
Laundry done: Check
Dishes done: Check
***K-State shirt and hoodie on: Check
Rockin' out to Dave Matthews: Check
****Cable to watch the game on:...SHIT!!!!  I knew I forgot something!

* I realize you can't call them 'chicken wings' technically when you are using legs to make them...but 1) Small town grocery stores don't sell wings and 2) Legs are OMG better and less mess for more meat!

** I also realize that if a cookie is called 'No-Bake' that you can't necessarily bake it.  But I like that it makes me sound like I worked harder in the kitchen to make them...even though it's really probably the easiest cookie in the world to make...unless you're my mom!  Much love mom, but they never set up really!  (And I gave half of them to our neighbor and wrote on the bag: 'Thank You Sidewalk Snow Remover!' since he always takes his fancy snow blower machine to our sidewalks also...much love!)

*** Yes, I admit it...I'm one of those that sports K-State gear even though I didn't graduate from there.  But, in my defense, purple is my favorite color, Claflin's mascot happens to be the Power Cat with the same school colors,  and it's just not the same to get all amped up over a Friends University game.

**** Oh, and we don't have cable.  We moved here, had cable...for free.  (I guess they forget to disconnect it when the last peeps moved out.)  So really smart me says: 'I know, I'll disconnect the cable cord from the TV and then call and get Internet for us and it'll be like 2 for the price of 1!  As soon as 'Mr. Internet Man' leaves, I'll plug the cable cord back in and he'll never know!'...and right now you all are like: 'Brilliant!'.  Except I didn't realize that 'Mr. Internet Man' was also called 'Mr. Cable Man' and apparently has 'Magic Tools' to tell if we are getting free cable.  Uh, needless to say 'Mr. Husband Man' was not thrilled with 'Mrs. Dumbass Me' and ever since we have successfully lived off DVD's and and life is great!  So take that...Damn the (cable)Man!

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