Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cutey Puh-Tootie!

Once again I am a day late with a birthday posting, but at my rate I suppose it could be a lot worse!

Anywho, my fave nephew in AZ turned the big 2 yesterday and so in honor of the growing young man...(how sad...he's almost no longer a baby...more like toddler!) I found as many pics of him as I could from our wedding!  Which by the way, he was a ring bearer in the wedding along with my other nephew who is a good three months older.  My niece was the flower girl and is four.  Kai was the only one of them to actually walk down the aisle by himself without throwing a tantrum, getting a case of stage fright, and having a 'stomp, stomp, throw yourself down on the ground' fit!  So to that little man - 'KUDOS!'...and thanks for being so damn cute!!! Also realize this is the last birthday of the rest of your life that you'll get all the attention.  It's all down hill once baby Mia comes along...of course minus the showering of spoiling you'll continually get from Uncle J & Aunt K!

Okay, well we don't have one of Kai actually going down the aisle...probably because he was just that good! But here is proof of the tantrum (hence dad holding the flower girl) and stage fright.

Thanks to my brother-in-law / flower girl / 'co'-ring bearer

Ha!  He normally doesn't have that look on his face in pics!

Hmmm...there it is again...

Could possibly be a variation of 'the look'?....

This one makes me laugh every time I see it!  He LOVES him some cake and ice cream with dad!

100% Hammin' it up!

So serious!  It's like he's saying, 'Don't even get between me and this golf cart lady!'

Oh man, I need more dad!  Can't...get...enough!!!

Okay, well I said I'd post every picture of him I had...he's in there...near the upper left.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest, smartest, most handsome little boy there is!!!

Much Love
Aunt Kristy!

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