Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Field Trip Pics!

I traveled to San Antonio for a work conference and took some fun shots:

I had to take a shot of this for J!

Full Moon at the Alamo!

The Alamo at night is so beautiful...once you're able to edit out the tourists!

There was a hand blown glass shop that had all these cool balls hanging from the ceiling!

And of course the water features along the Riverwalk!

Other Highlights From the Trip:
- The TexMex food...MMMMM!!!
- Seeing my co-workers reaction to 'street people'!
- The ability to go to dinner utilizing a trolley, your feet, and a cab all for under $5.00!
- Dick's Last Resort...(for those unfamiliar, it's the restaurant where they are purposely dick's to you)...and I note this as a 'highlight' to remind myself to never go back.  I pay people for 'service' for a reason!
- And then the rest was really just work crap no one wants to hear about!

Side Note:  As I kick back in the recliner typing this, wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket and sipping on hot tea, I look into the bedroom (yes...it's a small house) and can see my wonderful (but pretty icky sick right now) J asleep like a baby and our dog curled up in a ball at the end of his feet.  I sip my tea and smile to myself...'This is life I love!'  (Minus the sickness!)...(and the snoring I can hear)...(Oh God, my dog is licking herself now!)

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LouX said...

Yeah, Alamo at night is pretty cool. Can you send me your new address, phone, email, etc. I don't think I have the right ones.