Sunday, October 25, 2009

And Who Doesn't Like Making Ice Cream Cones out of Play-Dough?

The last time we were visiting in KC, I snapped off these pics of my niece and nephew.  We had pulled out the Play-Dough bin (which now that we have done that, thank god we won't have to for like another year!) and starting creating!  They decided to make ice cream cones and so I took pics of there award winning masterpieces:

We're calling Jude's 'already eaten'.  Prior to the picture his ice cream fell off, then he thought it'd be cool to step on it first and then put it back in his cone.  Which also explains the coy smirk on his face!

Amazingly enough, Madi's really started looking more and more like the real shape of ice cream.  And the 'green sprinkles' were all her invention too!

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