Thursday, December 3, 2009

Honey Moon Part One

Since it's been almost 6 months since the wedding...I thought it's about time to get off my kiester and post some pics!  So this post is one of a lot to come from our honeymoon in Yellowstone.  One might be thinking, 'I haven't seen the wedding pics yet though?'...and that one might be correct.  But, A) That would require me getting out of the recliner of warmth right now and B) I figure I should post these pics before I break the laptop and we loose them forever.  (Similar to the broken hard drive we have right now with the last 6 years of pictures possibly lost forever...sigh!)  These were chosen in no random order and we have about 400 pictures of our here is PART ONE:

Words cannot even BEGIN to describe the beauty, peace, and calm here!

We drove all day and all night to try and get to the Park for our reservations the next day.  We got so tired that we found a random campsite in the Grand Tetons at like midnight, leaned the seats back in the 4Runner, and just crashed...and this is the awesome view we woke up to the next's views like this that don't require coffee in the mornings to get going!

We went White Water Rafting, not our most 'intense' one yet, but we had a real dickhead in our raft which really got to me...I would have taken Class 5 Rapids over this guy!  The pics that the company takes were $35 a piece so this picture serves as our 'souvenir'.

NEAT!  Grand Tetons!

KS representing at Yellowstone with the Sunflower!

One of maybe 5 self portraits from the whole trip...which is odd because I LOVE self portraits and J is usually very good at taking them!

I think this was Day 1 Campsite...where our neighbors on each side of us had kids that were dropping food left and right and the people in front of us already had the Park Patrol on their site to lock up food they left out in the 'Bear Bins'...You either have to store it in your car or under lock in a big metal container.  I was convinced we'd get eaten alive thanks to our idiot neighbors (more pics to come on bear sightings!).

Words cannot explain the Geothermal Features either!  The more blue'ish green they are the hotter they are!  And let's not forget the LOVELY smell of rotten eggs everywhere you went from all the sulfur...gag!

We figured out the timer on our camera!  Woo Hoo!  (Disclaimer: Yes of course I look like crap...but we like to see how many days we can go before breaking down and showering...I think our max is 4 and this trip hit 3!)  If that sounds odd or gross to don't know what 'roughin' it' means man!

This one looks neat in the picture, but sadly enough it's that yellow color because of abuse.  People think it's 'cool' to toss trash and such into those to see what will happen and it destroys and deteriorates the feature...hence all the yellow!

Once again...speechless...but just so cool!

So those are round one and I'll be sure and get the rest up sooner than later!  And for those of you contemplating driving across the whole state of Wyoming to get to sure and set your cruise to 'FAST'...there is NOTHING in Southern Wyoming...I mean nothing at all!!!  The only story out of that part of the state was the lady at the gas station who told me about this cat that ate a rabbit that had some deadly disease and bit one of the employees there.  They took pictures of her hand where she was bitten and had them posted all over the counter warning people of the disease and to stay away from rabbits!  The pictures were non-recognizable body parts that were rotting away from this disease.  Famous quote from that conversation (which ended rather quickly and abruptly):

Gas Station Lady: 'Yep!  Best rabbit I ever saw is a dead one...buried 6 feet under ground..those bastards!'
(My apologies for any spelling's late, I'm tired, and ever since I uploaded the new Blogger I don't have a spellcheck button anymore!)

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