Monday, September 21, 2009

Self Epiphanies

Some of these are more recently discovered than others...some were just discovered this weekend!  I had a long, boring, 4 hour road trip back from KC all by my lonesome to ponder on them all though and thought I'd share with you!

. I am the person to tell you that you have cilantro in your tooth, a boogie hangin' out, or a fly unzipped...whether I know you all that well or not!

. I am also the person on the other end of things that will self-assess myself to you...because let's face was running through your mind while I was talking to you anyways: For example, 'Oh, yes, that is Poison Ivy on my neck; not a moldy fungus!'  or 'I know I need to wax my hairy eyebrows so quit staring at them!' or 'Don't get too close to me, I stink!'

. I'm a procrastinator...and damn good at it!

. I have a relatively small perimeter when it comes to what size of things I'm capable of stressing out about.  Large things are just out of my control, so why stress!?!

. Why pay for cool junk when you can get it for free (more to post on that later!)?

. I heart bangs today

. A car that's paid for will always look better than one that's not!

. The End

What are some of your self epiphanies?

1 comment:

Beth Ann said...

And you are a great teacher of procrastination...I learned very well during our two years together at Friends :)