Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prove it!

Goodness gracious! For those of you out there that read my blog and aren't the brave 4 that actually identify yourselves as 'followers' (which by the way, thank you guys!) and you also are not related to me (now they're droppin' like flies!) let me recap my year so far:

- January: Start new job and move in with my fiance!
- Around March/April (I don't even remember now!):  J relocates 4 hours away and starts new job.  I give two week notice that I will be quitting my new job.  I search aimlessly for new job in soon to be new town.  Oh, but I end up finding two part time jobs to equal a full time job.
- April, May, June: J drives 4 hours back to KC every Friday night after work to be with me (did I mention at this point in time I'm living with my sis, brother in law, and niece and slack off my back...did I mention I was living with my lovely niece and nephew!!!)  We work on fixing up our house every Saturday and Sunday so we can sell it.  J drives back home 4 hours (did I mention he is living with the 'rents at this point in time???).
- June:  I start my two part time jobs and we move!  Woo hoo!  Minus the moving part, having to learn 2 new jobs, 2 new sets of names, and still to this day not quite sure which direction North is in!
- July:  Did you catch my mention in January of 'fiance'!  We traveled to CO for our wedding (That we were also planning this whole time).  Then up North all over for our honeymoon.  (House is still not sold...we are still driving to KC every weekend to work on it....BIG FAT siiiiiigggghhhh!)
- August - Now: Still driving to KC every weekend.  House is finally complete...just waiting for a buyer now!  Finally starting to get all our crap settled and distributed.  By that I mean we took about 2,000 sq ft of stuff and consolidated it into about 700 sq ft of space.  A task that is not all that easy and if it weren't for J's parents allowing us to take over their storage areas...we'd be screwed!

I counted and last night was our 4th Friday night home at our new house since we moved here at the beginning of June.  The first Friday night here, we spent the whole night busting our tails to get stuff unpacked and somewhat clean and orderly because my mom was on her way to visit.  The second Friday, J went out with some buddies and I piddled.  The third one, we did much needed yard work and hung out with J's parents, and then there was last night...I worked until 8:30, we went to dinner...J got called into work!  Exciting...I know!  Lord only knows what we'll do with ourselves when we have a Saturday night here at home and not in KC.  Which, that would mean we sold our house...which that would mean we will be hosting a GREAT big party!!!

Not the most exciting post I know!  But, life has been very chaotic and things are finally starting to simmer down a bit!  Hopefully that will give me more time to post some crafts I have cooked up in my head!  Thanks for staying tuned in to our blog through it all though!  I have a ton of ideas for new posts on things that have happened during this chaos...soon to come!!!

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