Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jude!

We traveled to KC this weekend to 1) Celebrate my godson's 2nd Birthday!!! and 2) Try and sell our house...  I bet you can guess which one I had more fun doing!  Here are some pics of the little squirt and family from our outing to a Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate!

Mom and Madi cracking themselves up!

Group Picture (Minus J...who's taking the pic)

My Babies!

Check out those chopsticks skills!

Coolest thing ever!  This place had a sushi bar with a sushi train!!!  You just grab your plate of sushi that looks goods off the train and munch on down!  I think one guy had a bit too much sake...he kept missing his plate! 

Birthday cake and ice cream face!


How cute are those two!  Now I know why Jude was all buddy buddy with J the rest of the weekend!  He got to give him the cake and icecream!


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