Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo Phriday!

Here are some pics I've taken recently!  I apparently have been fascinated with sunsets lately because that's all I have for ya:

This one was taken at Cheyenne Bottoms, about 5 miles from our house.

Also taken at Cheyenne Bottoms on a different date:
Shot 1

Shot 2 (Doctored a bit)

I little later:

And again:

This is a cool limestone post fence row that goes on and on for miles, and in such good shape!  This little excursion took us to the local restaurant in Galatia, KS...if you ever find yourself there order the 'Chips and Cheese' with a side of Tums!

This is a picture from our front porch right after a nasty storm passed through town and the sun was starting to set.  The tornado sirens went off during this storm...which just so happen to be in our BACK YARD!

This was taken somewhere in Oklahoma on a trip back with my mom.  Notice the multi-colored spot in the upper left was too cool!

Another one:

This one's my favorite!

This is a blood moon coming up during an 'Ag Tour' we took one Friday night scouting out all the bridges for our float trip the next day.

And again:

And this was taken somewhere in VERY WESTERN BFE, KS.  We pulled over on a dirt road for a...ahem...errrr....uh...restroom break and I just loved the pinks and the turbines in the distance!

So that's our life lately in pictures!  I know, I know, you're IN LOVE with them and want to move to closer to us right away don't you?  Okay, well just comment below and let me know your needs and I'll be your 'unofficial' realtor so long as you move here and be my friend!  I can even post more cool pics to sway you if need be!


kcreemer said...

Amazing pictures!!! Frame them and show off your talent!!

sandra said...

Yes, which ones did you enter into a contest. They are all so good!