Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Egg-static Post!

In honor of Easter, this post is gonna get a bit eggy!

My results are below and I must say they are quite dead on!

Your Easter Egg Says You Are Uplifting
You are whimsical, spontaneous, and fun loving.You connect well with people, but nature is your true love.Changing locations and scenery is important to your creativity.You are inspired by the surroundings around you

Next, I was going to post pictures of beautifully decorated eggs that people created...I assumed there would be a niche for this kind of talent! However, after searching on the Internet, I only found these two: (Apparently the new 'cool' thing is decorating eASTER eGGS as in in eggs you create virtually in WTF?!?! What happened to good ol' fashioned boiled eggs, food coloring, and a white wax crayon???)

For those of you who know me well, I heart pirates! I dress up as one every year on Halloween and ALWAYS celebrate September 19th 'with me grog and mates'!!! It's not like some weird fetish, it's more just amusing to me. So in honor of pirates I found the picture of 'Sherwin'...which reminds me of a live version I have of 'If I Had a Million Dollars' by Bare Naked Ladies where he says, 'It's Uncle Erwin'. I wonder if Uncle Erwin is a pirate friend of Sherwin???......

The second egg won an egg decorating contest and the artist is from Goddard, KS which is where my mom grew in honor of cool people from Goddard...(and a purple background)...cheers to these two eggs!

Moving Along:

The History of the Easter Egg: I'll spare you the boring details and reinterpret, through my eyes, what I found in researching this. Basically, the egg symbolized rebirth, new life, etc. for both people 'things' and like seasons coming and going.....etc. I get this, it makes sense and all...but all I could think about was, 'My eggs, as in the ones I carry inside me, somehow turned into some weird decorating ritual on Easter with chicken eggs instead of 'me' eggs....guh-rossssss!' However, on a positive note...I also learned about Mr. Faberge and his eggs (as in animal ones)! And then it hit me, 'Duh! I was going about my search for 'decorated' eggs all wrong!'

And then I found these, which are what I was looking for all along:

This one for some reason seems to be hiding some sexual innuendo to me! His 'watering can' is exposed and watering her 'flower' and he's all, 'Hey there sweet mama! Like my watering can?' and she's all coy and is like, 'Oh my, I didn't even notice you watering my flowers (but really she did) with your watering can (that she did really notice!).' Wait...I just looked at it really could just be Jack and Jill...doh!

It's purple...say no more.
A beautifully decorated Ostrich egg.

I liked this one because it made think of an egg my niece, Madison, would like and pick out.

O.M.G! Those are real pressed flowers! My sister in law's mom makes BEAUTIFUL art out of pressed flowers. One piece even has pressed strawberries in it I think!

I'm on a b&w kick with photos of my 'peeps' (get it!), so this one sparked my imagination too!
Are you so totally egged out yet? Are you so egged out that you're breaking out with a bad case of 'egg'-zema? Or your just really 'eggs'-ited now?'re not even reading this because you've 'egg'-nored the bottom half of my post your so sick of it? Ha! I'm 'eggs'-austed even trying this anymore! I 'crack' myself up!
Okay, okay...Last but not honor of Easter my favorite breakfast meals...Eggs Benedict:

And by that I mean I tried to make the Benedict Sauce like 4 different times now to no avail. And we usually don't have English Muffins...just plain ol' bread. Nor do we have cute little rounds of Canadian Bacon that fit perfectly on the round muffins we don't have. And asparagus...for breakfast???...really???...and if so, why only two??? However, I am a PRO at making a mean poached egg in a pan of water! Soooo, I usually make up a 'Hole in One' and pretend it's Eggs Benedict. (Cut a hole in a piece of bread...we use a Mason Jar...butter the bread lightly on both sides...toast side one on a griddle...flip...break egg into bread hole...sprinkle cheese on bread...toast side 2 while cooking egg to over medium (my personal preference)!!!...the bread soaks up the egg yolk as you eat and the cheese is all melted-ey...mmmm!) I would post a pic but then I'd have to re-space my whole post for like the 18th time...and when I googled it for an image, all I found was a picture of a turtle with a golf ball in it's ass...WTF? That's a whole different 'Hole in One', if ya know what I mean!

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