Friday, March 6, 2009

Peaking at Panera

Woo hoo! I get every other Friday off where I work, and this Friday off couldn't have come on a better day! It is GORGEOUS outside! I have definitely been bitten by the Spring Bug! Well, while out running errands today, I decided to stop into Panera for a light salad (it's meat). To my dismay, the patio was chalk full of people that didn't deserve to be sitting on the patio more than me, but I was able to find a sunny table for two near a window. I plopped myself down and proceed to munch my salad.

This is when it occurred to me that Panera is actually a pretty happenin' place during lunchtime...AND is great for people watching and eavesdropping!

Ensuing 'Peaks' at Panera today:

1. Mom, Grandma, and bratty kids are eating near me. 6 year old Lukas decides to be a good little boy and clean the table off for mom and grandma who are so engrossed in talking about home decor that they hardly notice his presence. Lukas and his little sister proceed to throw the food scraps, plates, metal silverware, and newborn baby's 'binky' into the trashcan seemingly unnoticed. They then proceed to turn the trashcan area into some sort of game to see who can stick their heads into the trash the furthest to see inside. Guh-rooooosssss! I contemplate informing the women of what is happening and then realize that they don't deserve to be notified. What, even remotely decent parent, would allow their children to play, quite literally, IN trash cans at restaurants???? I turn my attention away immediately!

2. I look outside at the beautiful day, imagining the birds chirping that I really should be hearing but can't because some Prairie Village Fraternity version of 'Desperate Housewives' hover over all the tables while hugging each other and kissing cheeks. GAG! That's when I notice an old, OLD man walking across the parking lot to come eat. He has on black pants that are too long and about 3 sizes too big. His brown checkered suit coat is also hanging off him. His solid, bright, red tie hangs off his neck and is about 7" too long. His hair is unkempt and he his pilfering through his wallet as if he is counting his money. As he approaches nearer, I realize, there is no money in his wallet at all. I can't decide if he is for real or a bum. Odd I think to myself, but in this day in age and what, with the economy and all..who knows!

3. How depressing I think! I turn away from the old man. I think to myself that if he is a bum, I don't want to make eye contact with him and have him come begging me for money. I turn my glance away and notice the 18 year old looking girl walking up from her brand new Mercedes. She's wearing an ungodly hideous outfit! She has the 'skinny' pants on (I don't care who you are or how much they cost you...I will NEVER warm up to the idea of these!), Mary Kate & Ashley sunglasses, purple suede boots, and a skin tight white t-shirt that is extra long with NO BRA on! GAG( was a rough lunch, let me tell ya!) She walks up to an old man, seemingly her father, and as they walk in together he attempts to put his arm around her for an awkwardly posed hug. She rolls her eyes at him, shrugs away, and checks her cell. Typical I suppose nowadays! What are our teens coming to?!?!

Well, those were my ventures at Panera today. Maybe tomorrow I will post about my eavesdropping while using the computer at the library! (shudder!) I'm off to go play in the sun!

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