Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Wallpaper (aka Devil Paper) has in Common With the Following Items:

1. Drinking: It started out as a nice relaxing way to start the process of stripping paper and winding down from a day's worth of hard work. However, when I find myself craving a beer just telling people about the Devil Paper...I start to wonder if it's turning into a problem!

2. Turrets: Yesterday, I found it easier to shout a string of 3 or 4 cuss words every time something bad happened to make the pain go away. I was batting about 200 words per hour!

3. Cuss Word Alphabet: The devil paper led me to create a new game...the name really says it all...if not, read #2.

4. The new nickname 'Sparky': Metal scraper, Wall outlet, any questions! My good ol' 'Reliable' scraper somehow missed the paper and went flying into the side of the outlet. It got bent and melted, a chunk of it is missing now, and sparks flew all over the extra super dry wallpaper on the floor. Thank God for wooden handles!

5. Thoughts of burning the house down as a plausible alternative: See #4

6. Blood: My knuckles are rubbed raw! Between scraping them on the walls on accident, sticking them in buckets of hot soapy water,and washing them 80 times more than normal...I now have 'knubbles'!

7. The Devil: self explanatory!

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josh said...

Kristy, great blog! need justins email address! talk to you later!