Monday, January 10, 2011

Pepe Juice Update!

I don't have much to report on this front, other than some menial ranting and raving about the pest control people...who showed up late afternoon Friday to 'do their thang' to our house...oh but wait...

...said pest control people didn't have their ladder!

If your job is to catch 'pests' on people's properties, be it in a tree, in an attic, on top of the roof, etc. wouldn't you have a FREAKING LADDER!!!!  The lady basically told us to just go get our ladder (which we have to store at the Farm because of course our (rental) house doesn't have a garage or shed...nor does it have a driveway, so when it snows 4" like it did yesterday, we have to park in our BACK YARD so that the city's snow plow doesn't plow our cars in!***) and stick our head's up in their and throw some bait in it and we're good!

Gee...thanks!  So needless to say I spent the weekend freaking out the dog and banging on walls and ceilings throughout the house just to f* with the little critters!  (Although I am very well aware of the fact that it probably is scaring the dog more than them.)

Oh, and she mentioned that mice 'sure can create quite a ruckus and sound much bigger than they are'.  I'm still refusing to admit it might be mice for the sole fact that's just GUH-ROSSSSSS and O.M.G. we are really clean people and how dare you imply we aren't?  Clean, as in my wonderful, handsome, adoring, husband could be borderline OCD about it!  (I love you sweetie, but simmer down with the Bleach!)**

*** Justin said that one of my New Year's Resolutions has to be to not talk so much trash on our living situation and to quit whining about it because it doesn't change anything.  So I'm front of him.  Therefore, you all  are now the proud parents of The Rage about The Shithole.  Enjoy because it's still a fussy, teething, new-born!

**  Pretty sure we have mice in our attic...sigh!

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LouX said...

Yeah that's like the crazy Russian dish network guy that forgot all his tools and was asking me if I had a cable wire splicer he could borrow.... uh no.