Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble! Gobble!

Things I'm thankful for (both serious and don't hold it against me!):

1. J and I's lives...I sat last night thinking about this pain in my hip (More specifically, my SI Joint, that doctor's are telling me there's no cure for other than time...maybe.  Oh, and in addition...when I told the doctor we might be thinking about children in the future, I got this response: 'You need to start preparing yourself now mentally for the pain you may incure.')...anyways, back to last night.  My hip hurts...almost always...and it's from a wreck J and I were in 3 years ago.  Therefore, I am reminded daily that we are blessed to still be alive...had we not been wearing our's a pretty certain thing I would not blogging today!

2. I am sitting here at my sister's house surrounded by loving family and one set of my niece and nephew!  So I give thanks to my brother and sister for both making me an aunt!  Ha ha...I get all the fun and love...and then can dump 'em back off with mom and dad for the nitty gritty.  I also give thanks for all the warmth and love we get from all our family we are missing today as well!

3. I am not thankful for the Caramelized Cranberry Onion Cheese Dip I just made...thanks, but no thanks Oceanspray recipe!

4. I am thankful for this Miller Lite in my hand...(don't hold it against me!)

5. I am thankful that I just went made the mashed potatoes after my sister threatened to make them!  Nobody wants to drink their potatoes from a straw!

6. I am thankful for Karma...'nough said!

7. I am thankful for Jillian Michaels' '30 Day Shred' workout video and the 3-day 'pre-turkey fast' I've been on!  I've lost 4 lbs. to put on 10 lbs. I'm sure...but it's Thanksgiving man!

8. I am thankful for my husband!  He is what makes me complete.  Without him...I'd probably be in the middle of a field in the fetal position, rocking myself!  I love you 'Pete'!

Okay, well I'm thankful for a ton more things...but I'm missing out on all the action in the kitchen!  I hope you all out there in blog-ville are enjoying all the things that you are thankful for today as well and enjoying your Thanksgiving it Chicken Taquitos and beer (Thanksgiving 2007) or Lasagna (Thanksgiving 2008)!

Here is a random picture that I am posting from my sister's computer, since I'm typing this from KC:

My nephew Jude in his 'Cowboy Costume' with his best John Wayne look!

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