Sunday, February 14, 2010

All Things ♥'ed On Valentine's Day

Karma Ale : 'Good beer happens to good people'
♥ Taking care of my sweet (sick) valentine and loving him even more
♥ The old fashioned valentine I scored for J that let him know how 'swell' he was
♥ Homemade Bierock Casserole
♥ Winter Olympics on TV ***
♥ Creme Brulee**
♥ Our sweet puppy doggy curled in a cuddly ball
♥ Hot rice bags on our feet
♥ Chamomile tea
♥ Lazy winter day on the couch watching movies
♥ Yawwwn...going to bed early; loving my life

*** Might I just add that I am watching the Olympics in HD on my $38 HD Antenna without any cable installed in our house!!!  I freaking LOVE it!  We have all the major networks and like 5 PBS stations to boot!  Seriously people...$38.00 freaking dollars!  Go buy yourself one right now, cancel your cable subscription, and thank me later!

** It's been a Vday tradition to make Creme Brulee for J every year.  However, it must be the fact that he's ill that caused it to flop on me this year.  Or the fact I made it with only about half the actual ingredients the recipe called for...and I was drinking...and a few ingredients may have been dumped in the wrong bowl and cooked when they weren't supposed to.  They are in the trash now!  Karma: Good Brulee Does Not Happen to Good People!

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